2019 Graduation Cards

Graduating in Color Completing four years of university is a momentous time, one which deserves celebration. For many, students themselves or their parents, graduation also brings about a little showing-off. Chloe, as an example, is just one recent college grad who chose Sola for her graduation card design and prints. This front and back 5" … Continue reading 2019 Graduation Cards

To The Well Magazine Art

Visually Translating Spiritual Words To The Well is a "journal of Christian thought" made available through donations and independently circulated on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. Illustrations were crafted for three spreads to emotionally express our authors' stories. The 31-page issue's layout and production is the result of equal collaboration by Brett Zeck (me) and … Continue reading To The Well Magazine Art

Fandom Newspaper Layout Design

Taking an Entertainment Blog Offline Fandom is a “fan-trusted source in entertainment” without a physical product, hence this original creation. While "The Fandom Post" follows branding guidelines and shows off our photo-editing and illustration skills, this is entirely conceptual. Intended for practice, the eight-page layout design was finished in four hours from ideation to print … Continue reading Fandom Newspaper Layout Design