To The Well Magazine Art

Visually Translating Spiritual Words

To The Well is a “journal of Christian thought” made available through donations and independently circulated on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. Illustrations were crafted for three spreads to emotionally express our authors’ stories.

The 31-page issue’s layout and production is the result of equal collaboration by Brett Zeck (me) and talented designer Kelly Bumb.

“Prayer” by Sylvia Ward – To The Well: ‘Practice’

The praying Jesus, still and quiet in his simple design, radiates life from inside out. A still and reflective time produces a teeming of life.

“Genealogy” by Kayla Rutledge – To The Well: ‘Practice’

Depicts four Christian matriarchs – Eve, Sarah, Rahab, and Bathsheba – in Jesus Christ’s lineage (i.e. the ‘line’) leading up to his coming, represented by the Cross.

“Margin Notes on Psalm 8” – To The Well: ‘Practice’

Attempts to represent the featured psalm in an abstract, cosmic pattern.